If you think change is expensive, how about failed change? Instead, how about Focusing Change to Win?

The Cost of Failed Change

Failed change means lost opportunity, competitive vulnerability, poor revenues, lost employees, increased cynicism and fear. Its residue is a hostile and toxic culture, where change resistance becomes the norm.

Why does some organizations succeed where others fail??

Change management’s track record isn’t getting any better, and isn’t likely to–if we don’t do things differently

    • Change failure rates continue above 60%
    • Surveyed executives still say people are the main reason for failed change
    • World economics are negatively impacting working and commercial relationships
    • Technology continues to deliver faster, opportunity-rich and competitively challenging solutions that often impact jobs and working relationships.

Change management was never easy, and now it is even more challenging. Unfortunately, any consensus on the causes and solutions of failed change remain elusive.
Yet, some organizations do manage successful change. This puzzle is what motivated this book and led to this question:

What are the meaningful differences between those that thrive on change and those that just survive?

After analysing 6,617 contributor comments, there are clearly those people that understand this condition and those who do not. They realize that working relationships are increasingly stressed in the drive for ever-faster responses to competitive threats and opportunities.

Unfortunately, this book confirms other books. Too many organizations are still trying to do things differently not do different things. In a recent study:

96% of leaders say their current business models are misaligned with emergent realities, unforeseen challenges and changing priorities. Two-thirds say “extensive changes” are required. Yet they also confess they don’t know how to go about fixing what’s no longer delivering sustainable competitive advantage

The cost of a failed change can be staggering, from lowering morale to losing key customers due to poor quality.

We believe that it’s time to challenge change management leaders to stand back. What follows are a summary of our conclusions and action points drawn from the collective wisdom of over 1072 leaders, managers and consultants with 11,000 years of change management experience who wrote 6,617 comments in answer to 22 questions.

What Will You Learn?

  • Challenge your thinking and leadership of integrating change and competitiveness by examining the cost of not doing so.
  • Compare yourself with what other organizations do when leading change.
  • Consider different options to get people engaged and committed for change.
  • Get more out of measuring your change process as you review, navigate and plan change.
  • Discover top reasons people resist change and how you can identify, reduce and manage resistance.
  • Assess how well your changes develop competitive advantage
  • Gain fundamental knowledge of why change is important in your organization and the implication of not changing.

What should readers of this book come away with?

Questionnaires designed to engage both formal and informal change management and leadership to rate your organization’s performance in terms of:

  • Measuring change performance
  • Assess competitive advantage
  • Thriving and surviving through change
  • Communication and implementing change

A process to facilitate leaders in selecting those questions which are most relevant to their change and then reach a consensus on change improvement areas.

Reviewers’ Comments

Focusing Change to Win is a must read and reference for business people regardless of their companies size. Whether you run a family business or public corporation this book has thought provoking tools and questionnaires you can use immediately. Nick Anderson and his co-Author Kelly Nwosu have done a masterful job in distilling over 6000 business leaders’ comments into such a practical set of tools. If you want your next change to be successful, this is essential reading. Bill Connors, President & CEO Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce

Anyone leading change needs to have Focusing Change to Win, and its extensive research and practical tools, by their side. Lawrence Polsky, Managing Partner, PeopleNRG, coauthor Perfect Phrases for Communicating Change and Rapid Retooling.

In short, after scanning the book, I liked the review of what are the barriers tochange.You provide some practical ideas to make this process work, including the “leadership presence” and necessity for honesty and transparency at this point. These are great ideas to use for change training programs. I look forward to having time to explore them more. Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, Master Certified Coach

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